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Tanks Inc Mustang and Chevy fuel system connection kit


This fuel system kit is for Tanks Inc Mustang and Chevy style tanks running the 255 walbro pump. If you have upgraded to a larger pump we recommend an adjustable regulator with larger 10 micron filter. This kit comes with all the fittings and components you need to complete your fuel system for an OEM style fuel rail on a coyote or LSx engine combination. This kit is our budget kit that uses the WIX brand Corvette fuel filter regulator, push-lock style AN fittings, 25 feet of -6 E85 compatible push lock fuel hose, 5 ft of 5/16 fuel vent hose and a check valve fuel vent. The Corvette regulator will act as your post fuel pump filter and also your fuel pressure regulator. It will regulate fuel pressure to 58 psi which is exactly what coyote and LS engines need.

I have the -6 AN push-lock fittings in both Black or Nickle. This is only the hose ends that can be Nickle, all other fittings are black. FREE SHIPPING


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