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F100 EFI rear mount fuel tank (Mustang tank) FREE SHIPPING


FREE SHIPPING This is the #1 fuel tank used for rear mount tank installs on the Ford F100 pickups. It is a great setup with minimal trimming of the frame rails needed to fit. It comes with the stock Ford sending unit or if you have aftermarket gauges can be ordered with proper unit for those. Comes with an in-tank Walbro EFI fuel pump good for 600hp or can be upgraded for 850hp, 1000hp, or 1150hp on GAS. It is compatible with E85 but with ethanol or boosted application is rated at lower HP levels. Contact us if you have any concerns about what fuel pump you need for your application. FREE SHIPPING


Capacity: 22 Gallons

22 Gallon: 32-5/8" x 24-1/2" x 9-3/4"

Fuel Pump HP Capability:
Sender OHMs:

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