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CV FRAME SWAP F100 EFI rear mount fuel tank KIT (49-52 Chevy tank) FREE SHIPPING


FREE SHIPPING This tank KIT is for all the CV FULL FRAME swap guys. This tank fits behind the rear axle on the CV FULL FRAME swap F100 trucks. This KIT comes with the tank, sender, and the fuel pump module WITHOUT THE FUEL PUMP. You will use the CV fuel pump as it is designed to be a returnless pulse width modulated fuel pump. You will simply plug the return line port on the fuel pump module and only use the feed port. There is some measuring and test fitting required to make it all fit. You also have the option for the Tanks Inc or AutoMeter Fuel Bridge. This allows you to program the gauge so it works properly on the stock CV dash. You can opt to use the VDO sending unit and not use the converter, but the VDO sending unit is not perfect. It will read full and empty for longer than it normally should, but overall is fairly close. There is some work involved to install this KIT, but is a very good option for gaining back some of the truck bed space. FREE SHIPPING

Capacity: 18 Gallons

Dimensions: 29-1/4" x 21-1/4" x 8-1/4"

Fuel Gauge Sender:

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