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VHX Dakota Digital Dash 1973-1979 Ford F100


1973-1979 Dakota Digital VHX series dash cluster. It is perfect budget dash cluster for all of your Crown Vic 4.6L swaps and Coyote swaps and works easily with all the old school engine combos as well. For proper function with your Ford computer controlled engines, you will need the OBD2 connector interface and for aftermarket EFI there are ECU adapters that pull directly from the ECU's CAN bus to display critical engine function with minimal wiring.


Install Manual: 


Wiring and Setup Manual: 


0-120 MPH speedo

0-8000 RPM tach (Digital Bar Graph Display)

0-80 PSI oil pressure

100-260 F water temp

E, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, F fuel level

9-17 VDC volts



Display and Performance: Odometer, Trip A/B, 12hr Clock, 1/4 mile time and speed, high speed and RPM recall


Built-in Indicators: L/R turn, High Beam, Check Engine, Park Brake, Cruise, Gear Position (requires sensor upgrade)


Sensors/Lighting/Calibration: 1/8 NPT water and oil pressure senders, Cable Driven Speed Sensor (modern transmissions with EFI will need OBD2 box or aftermarket ECU box upgrades) Dash comes with LED back-lighting. Push button Control for setup and driver options.


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