ATP designs

(DESIGN 1 Arched Numbers) ATP 67-72 Custom Dakota Digital Gauge Cluster


(IN STOCK READY TO SHIP) This is the (Design 1 Arched Numbers) ATP custom 67-72 F100 gauge cluster assembly built by Dakota Digital. These clusters will require you use the 67 F100 metal gauge bezel or modify the later plastic bezel (as seen in pictures) because the later model obstructs some of the cluster design. The goal for this design was to provide a period correct look, with a much improved aesthetic appeal. This First Design run of clusters has a very vintage mustang cluster design with the arched numbers. We plan to have a 2nd design as well that should be available October 2021. This gauge cluster has all of the same features as Design 2 and as the HDX and RTX clusters from Dakota Digital. Here is a video of some of the features of the custom designed cluster. (IN STOCK READY TO SHIP)



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